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Bhutan-The Land of Thunder Dragon

Located between India and China with a population of just over 700,000 spread over 38,394 kmsq is the Kingdom of Bhutan. The term Bhutan has been derived from the Sanskrit Bhu-utan meaning “High land”. Bhutan has many names given by different people depending on the its location and features. Internationally known is “Bhutan” and locally known is “Druk” meaning thunder dragon.
Bhutan is the place of sacredness where great Saint Guru Padmasambhava visited Bhutan in 8th century to subdue demons, making them the guardians of religion, blessed the sites and introduced Tantric Buddhism which still exist today. The Sacred sites blessed by him still stand today …..

BHUTAN-Tariff on Bhutan tourism.

Clients Review

It was my first time visiting Bhutan. The beauty of nature, culture, tradition, history, art & craft, the high-land, and sincerity of people, all made me fall in love with this country. I was filled with emotions and indescribable feelings at the end of this amazing tour.  Guru Adventure compassionately guided through my dream journey in Bhutan that made my experience perfect. It would be a good idea to bring your motion-sickness medication for a long winding ride.

Naomi Kasumi

We spent an amazing 10 days in Bhutan with Soonaam as our incredible guide - knowledgeable, friendly, kind, he went out of his way to make sure that not only was everything perfect, but that we could experience one of a kind moments in this incredible country! Highly recommended!

C. Merwin

Everything was perfect.

We could see a lot of spritual temples,
ate good food, got good service.

We really wanna visit again with Guru Adventures.

It was really warm and wonderful time.

Sun and Tea

Sunhee and Teahung

Great tour with guru adventures. i highly recommend this agent as they provide very good services..see you soon



BHUTAN is said to be last Shangrila on earth. We are proud of:


The Great Wangchuck Dynasty is the real reason for being such a special country. Kings fought for the country and thinks about happiness of its People(Gross National Happiness). No words can ever describe quality of kings we have.


Bhutan mandate to have at least 60% forest cover all times to come. Currently its forest coverage is more than 74%. Bhutan is not merely Carbon-Neutral, it’s also Carbon Sink as Country’s forest absorb more carbon dioxide than its sources of pollution.


People of Bhutan are spiritually rich. Almost all are Buddhist and strongly believe in Karma(Cause and effect). This prompt them to be kind to all. Kind people are closer to enlightenment and are expected to reborn in better environment in next life.

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