This customized tour will invite you on road of self-discovery of the breath-taking landscape and nature as you ride Mt. bikes and hike. It will usher you to experience the hidden beauty and peace of Bhutan which will leave you with incredible feeling of having touched the soul of Bhutan. Escape to Bhutan is an extraordinary destination where you’ll become a part of its admirable culture and realize the most treasured legacies that are still alive in today’s modern world. If you seek an intimate exploration of the destination, there are a variety of specialty tours that enable you to immerse into Bhutanese customs; tread into the footsteps of scenic village that will make a nice off-the-beaten-path experience. Our tour is leisurely paced tour that absorbs the peaceful surroundings and pristine nature, the ancient monasteries, fortresses and temples, easy and leisure day hiking and biking opportunities.

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